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Myanmar Overview

Myanmar is one of Southeast Asia’s largest nations, with a population of more than 52 million people. With 135 different ethnic groups calling Myanmar home, it is also one of the world’s most diverse countries, with a rich history and panoply of cultural and religious traditions.

Myanmar is a geographically diverse country, boasting fertile tropical deltas in the south and a rugged landscape in the Himalayan foothills of the north. The country is situated along the Bay of Bengal, and shares borders with Bangladesh, China, India, the Lao PDR and Thailand.

Geographically Myanmar owns the beautiful ground plan. Northern Myanmar is the snow-capped mountain region, southern & south western Myanmar is the famous paradise for sea lovers.
Eastern Myanmar is the region for Shan tribes & well known for it’s leg rowing lake floating island floating market, paper and umbrella hand making work shop, and robes woven by silk and lotus fibre.

Central Myanmar is the proud and heart of Myanmar,needless to say, Myanmar’s valuable cultural and archaeological sites are situated in central Myanmar.

Bagan is the special site for ancient archaeological culture and evolution of ancient architecture technical explorer.It was flourished to be the greatest dynasty of Asia in 13th century.

Bagan is the first dynasty of Myanmar and Mandalay is the last dynasties of Myanmar. Both were situated in that central Myanmar.


Myanmar also known as the Golden land situated between the two great civilization, China and India. Sharing the border with India and Bangladesh to the west and northwest sides of Myanmar. China, Laos and Thailand in the east northeast and south of Myanmar. The Andaman sea and bay of Bengal are also surrounding the Myanmar coastal region. The total area of Myanmar is about 676,577 sq-km and it is the Largest country in South East Asia Peninsula.

Historical Background

The history of what is now Myanmar has been made by a succession of peoples who migrated down along the Irrawaddy River from Tibet and China, and who were influenced by social and political institutions that had been carried across the sea from India.First came the Mon, Perhaps as early as 3000BC.They established the center of settlement in central Myanmar in Irrawaddy delta,and farther down the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal.The first unified Myanmar state was founded by King ANAW RAHTA in the 11th century.It was the zenith period of Myanmar. In 1287, Bagan was conquered by the Mongol under KUBLAI KHAN.

As the second about 16th century The famous King of Bayint Naung gathered to the whole country and established the stout empire. But after his death when in the time of his son King Nanda, the second empire was faded by the invasion of Portuguese.

As the third,about 1572 King A Laung Phaya based on the central Myanmar and unified to the whole country,then he founded the third Myanmar empire.

Myanmar was occupied by British  after 3 Anglo Myanmar war.During 2nd World war Myanmar was rule by Japanese and British return back to Myanmar again after war.In 1948,Myanmar gained her independence.

Administrative Division

The country is divided in seven States and seven Divisions. In seven States, the majorities- Kachin, Kayah, Chin, Mon, Rakhine and Shan are living in their respective States. In seven Divisions, the majority of Myanmar peoples living- Irrawaddy, Bago, Magwe, Mandalay, Sagaing, Thanintharyi and Yangon.

Each state and division is subdivided into villages, village tracts, township and district.


More than 100 ethnic groups live and use their own colorful costume, custom, language and dialects. The main 8 major group are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bahmar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan.