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Art and Craft Explorations

Myanmar has a culture of great tradition more than 15 centuries. The three performing arts, music, dance and drama are the inseparable companions. Arts have been closely intertwined with religion and royalty in Burma history. Temples, pagodas and palaces displayed the artistic skills of painters, wood carvers and sculptures. Temples and pagodas were traditionally built of brick and many are still standing. Myanmar’s handicrafts are interested and attractive. Lacquer ware, hand woven textiles, embroidery, woodcarving and silverwork are all good value. The exquisite masterpieces of Myanmar craftsmen and the amazing number of pagoda which are scattered all over the country are more than enough to tempt a visitor to stay in Myanmar. Myanmar’s arts and crafts come in a dazzling variety. Traditional ways in this country and for visitors from the industrialized world, these expressions of folk artists can be a never end source of delight. In the markets, pagoda alleyways and bustling bazaars are Mandalay marionettes, hand made statues and figurines, gleaming Buddha’s of cast bronze, and marble sculptures. Gold leaf is made the way it has been for centuries. Apart from the religious artifacts, also find the multi-layered and finely crafted lacquerware from Bagan, as well as the distinctive red and black varieties from the Shan states. Ancient opium weights, woven rattan baskets, temple bells, gongs and bronze figurines, Hand loomed silk, textiles both new and old are equally good finds. The largest repository of Myanmar arts and crafts can be found in Mandalay. Lovers of arts and crafts will certainly enjoy them. It is here that visitors can observe skilled craftsmen make beautiful articles of ivory, wood, marble and stone, silverware and bronze statues, world famous tapestry, silk weaving and gold-leaf making according to the time-honored traditions of their fore-fathers.

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