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We hope that cycling in Myanmar, the best travel destination of South East Asia , will be a new travel emotion and it will challenge to all visitors who want to explore the enjoyable and unique travel experiences in their life by cycling. And it will be made you unforgettable trip, as your travel rout will go round to the whole Myanmar where the ancient culture, monument, religious building, and beautiful landscape are standing. Along the way you also can see and explore the lovely people of Myanmar and their wonderful culture and their ways of life. I think that visitors will enjoy these tourist attractions of traveling in Myanmar.
Since Cycle Myanmar tours are designed for adventure trip, it is advisable that the visitors can adapt with the local people in terms of food, accommodation and road conditions. No technical rides are involved in the trip and normal riding skill would be enough to participate in our cycle tours.
Furthermore, we do believe that Myanmar, with its magnificent surroundings and beautiful landscapes, is absolutely one of the most unique countries for cycling.

Trip Condition

Surely , the quality of the road surface is variable. Most of the road surface are good to bike , perhaps there might be some sections that may cause some discomfort . A touring bike or hybrid are most appropriate for the trip. It is strongly recommended you have your bike tune up including new belted tires before leaving on the trip.
The principle traffic in rural area is trucks, buses and bicycle. In rural area private cars are rarity. The older buses and trucks often belch huge clouds of exhaust fumes.
Urban areas are crowded but with the exception of Yangon, the traffic is not overpowering. The automobile, unfortunately, reigns supreme in Yangon so we will need to use extreme caution on the final few mile of the tour.
Traffic drives on the right in Myanmar, though the cars are “British”, i.e. the steering wheels are also on the right.

How can we support

The support vehicles includes a passenger bus and luggage / bike truck will accompany along the rout. There will be two water stops on each day one in the morning and other in mid day where you can get as much purify- water as you need. There will also be an on road local mechanic who specializes on bicycles available here in Myanmar, one of the best travel destination countries in the world.


Breakfast / lunch and dinner will be included and serve at the good and famous restaurant at every destination. Alcohol , ethnic traditional cuisines, and soft drink will be extra charges and vegetarian diet can be accommodated.

Health Requirement

Any vaccination will not be officially required for traveling in Myanmar. Malaria prophylaxis is no longer needed. However travelers should check with their doctor regarding the advisability of inoculation against typhoid, hepatitis and tetanus, etc.

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