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Diving Trip is the under water paradise called scuba Diving. Myeik Archipelago diving has so far been organized as live-aboard dive cruises out of Phuket or Kawthoung. Diving conditions are excellent. The larger islands also contain mountainous, forested interiors with a considerable hiking potential to supplement diving activities. The islands and surrounding areas are alive with amazing diversity of wild life, flora and fauna, diving enthusiast, sailing, exploration, snorkeling or sea kayaking.
Mergui Archipelago lays a series of submerged mountaintops collectively known as the Burma Banks. Surrounded by open sea in all directions, these remote, widely separated reefs were not accurately plotted on nautical charts until they were extensively dived in the early 1990. After a series of exploratory trips by several Phuket-based live-aboards, five banks were located. Other boats followed almost immediately, and the Burma Banks quickly became a popular dive destination.
Minimum depths are 21 to 24m at most of them, making for rather short bottom times. The water surrounding all of the Banks is quite deep, averaging 250 to 300m; there are no walls within recreational diving depths.
The dive sites of Myanmar (Burma) are some of the most beautiful and diverse marine eco-systems in the world. We would guide you while exploring this extraordinary dive sites, featuring one of the world’s top ten-dive site at the Burma Banks. You could also dive at some of the world-renowned sites such as the Great Western Torres, Western Rocky, Shark Cave, Roe Banks, South Twin, North Twin, etc.
We offer a wide range of diving trips with a choice of many locations and dive sites. Also srrange for your entry visa and your boats registrations srevices as much you need as in nice and safe way.

The famous Diving Sites In Myanmar (Burma)are

Ta Nin Thar Yi Coastal Belt (Southern Myanmar)
• Mergui Archipelago

Irrawaddy Division (Delta Area)
• Ngwe Saung

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