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Ethnic Study

What is Myanmar (Burma)?

Myanmar is the wonderful land of places still to be discovered owned by ever smiling people.Myanmar is a union of over 135 nationalities with their own languages and dialects , and with the population of over 55 million people is considered with a lot of natural resources beautiful scenery and most of all , with their remarkable traditions .
In the first migration, there are three main groups;such as
• Tibetto Burman,
• Mon Khmer,
• Thai Chinese.
• Karen and its many kinds of sub group
These groups float down along Salween river, and some by Irrawaddy River, and settle their own land while the other move from place to place by living out of slash and burn cultivation. Myanmar is a word that is to represent the all nationalities of its people within.
Our attractive colorful tribes are…
• Kachin
• Kayah
• Karen
• Chin
• Myanmar
• Mon
• Rakhine
• Shan
Each tribes has their own culture and their own dialects. They are very attractive and it will be no end to be discovered.We would like to say just only one word that !!!

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