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Myanmar maintains most unique golf courses being built by the British during late 1800s and early 1900s. Most of them are in playable condition including the first ever and as early as 1885 built golf courses in Thayet at the west bank of Ayeyarwady river across Pyay. This unique itinerary will let you experience Oldie as Goldie courses compare with some new courses around in the land of ancient Temples and enchanting Pagodas. Myanmar Golf Clubs are the best not only with their glorious history but also their tastefully laid out structure. Build at the bottom of the mountain ranges. The courses are extremely beautiful and excellent conditions to play, which will make you home sick we believe not less than any famous regional golf courses. Every fairway will teach you ”different strokes for different folks”. Try to take a dead aim at any tree, which is in your way, and knock it over with the ball! We hope you enjoyed this gold journey in one of the remote parts of south East Asia. Even though climate, culture and facilities might be different from your home, at the end of the day, in golf, we all speak the same language – utterances of the insane.

“Choose your the most , the best and Excellent Golfing site here and make decision to come true.”

Please noted that ****”Different strokes for different folks”.

Golfing In Yangon (The most and Active golfing site In Myanmar)

Golfing at unique town of South East Asia as well as the beloved city of Myanmar, it will be your new emotions and surely you will get extraordinary golfing experiences here.

Golfing In Bagan (The Elegant Site of Golfers)

Bagan is one of the land famous and priceless land of Myanmar, and it is also one of the place that most foreingers make decisions to come and visit.

Golfing In Shan state (The Fascinating world)

Shan state is one of the loveable and peaceful town of Myanmar, seeing about the natures and cultures of our brothers and sisters all (Shan Tribes). If you are enthusiastic you may also trek to freshness mountain covering by virgins’ jungles and greenish forest.

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