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A brief description of Practicing Meditation

Myanmar is a Buddhism flourished country, and most people are living under the orders of Buddha’s teaching.Atleast they keep (5) precepts, taught by Buddha. Among those People some keep their mind to clear and to get bare attention by practicing meditation which was taught by Buddha.It is a fact of life that many people is troubled by difficult emotional state in the pressured societies we live. But meditation can be brought to support the practice of ‘Bare attention” to keeps the mind open and sweet.It provides the essential balance to support your insight peaceful mind.

Introduction to buddhist meditation

Buddhist meditation based on right concentrated mind & the way leads to good improving of…
• Sila(Morality)/ (Mental development)
• Samadi(concentration)/(Stages of purity)
• Panna(wisdom)/ (Knowledge development).
It has (4) ways in those taking meditation, and they are
• Samahta Meditation(calm concentration)
• Jhana Meditation(fixation concentration)
• Appana Meditation(absorption concentration)
• Upacara(Access concentration)
Moreover some people take meditation to cultivate their mind power by contemplation upon the death, and most of them practise by taking inhale and exhale of their breath. Thence they would improve their practise further
• Kaya Anupassana -Meditation on body
• Vedana Anupassana -Meditation on Feeling
• Dhamma Anupassana -Meditation on Law
• Citta Anupassana -Meditation on mind

Samahta (or) Loving Kindness Meditations

Then we would like to introduce you loving kindness meditation which can bring love,and peace to mind.It is also a kind of taking meditation way.Loving kindness is a meditation practice which brings about positive attitudinal changes as it systematically develops the quality of ‘loving acceptance’.Loving kindness is the first of a series of meditation that produce four qualities of love.
• Friendliness(Metter)
• Compassin (karuna)
• Appreciative Joy(mudita) and
• Equanimity (uppekkha).
The quality of friendless is expressed as warmth that reaches out and embraces others. When loving kindness practise matures it naturally overflows into compassion, as one empathizes with other people’s difficulties: on the other hand one need to be wary of pity,as its near enemy as its merely mimics the quality of concern without empathy.The positive expression of emphty is an appreciation of other people’s good quality and good fortune, or apprentice joy rather than feelings of jealousy towards them. This series of meditation comes to maturity as on- looking equanimity.This engage equanimity must be cultivate within the contix of this series of meditation, or there is aricks of its manifesting as its near enemy, indifference or aloofness. So, ultimately you remain kindly diposed and caring toward everybody with an equal spread of loving feeling and acceptance in all situation and relationship.The practise always begins with developing a loving acceptance of yourself.If resistance is experienced then it indicates that feelings of self doubt or negativity. Than you are ready to systematically developed loving kindness towards others.Starting with yourself then systematically sending loving kindness from person to person in the above order will be the effect of breaking down the barriers between the four types of people and yourself.This will have the effect of breaking down the divisions within your own mind the sources of much of the conflicts we experience.In our country of Myanmar Practicing of Meditation is done at following meditation center.A person who want to practise meditation have to come there and can be practiced meditation in quietly. They are international meditation center, it’s means the centers are not only for local people but also for the people from the whole world.

Dear Meditators

If you have desire to practice meditation in Myanmar, we are hoping to support and help with our special programs.Choose your best Meditation Center of Myanmar and contact us without hesitations.If you appreciate and are enthusiastic to our programs, contact to [email protected] for more information.
They are some meditations centers where you can find your peace and pleasure …..
(1) Mahasi meditation center
(2) Mogokke vipasana meditation center
(3) Panditarama golden hill meditation center
(4) Chan myae yeik tha meditation center
(5) International meditation center.

Daily Routine for Meditators

Daily Routine for Meditators
3:00 (morning ) Wake up and Keep “8” Precepts lead by Revere Monk (Sayadaw)
5:00 (morning) Take Breakfast
10:00 (morning) Lunch time
12:00 (Noon) Practice Meditation
5:00 pm Soft Drink break
10:00 pm Enter for Bed

*** Please Noted that****

• A Mediator must take at least “10” days for Meditation.
• Must wear Myanmar traditional customs such as Sarone (Longyi) and Blouse with the purpose of keeping Myanmar culture.
• All Meditators must be keep “8” precepts tough by Buddha daily.
• Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday there will be regular program of Interviewing to Meditators.

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