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Mergui Archipelago Exploration

Introduction To Mergui

Kipling was said, ” This is Myanmar, and it will be unlike any land you know about!”Mergui is like that, it will be unlike any other places and she richly owns the secret jungels, unpxplored island jewels of underwater (or) coral reefs.

Located In

The Myeik archipelago is the important marine eco site, is situated on the southern Taninthayi division of Myanmar.A string of some 804 islands running more or less parallel to the coast of the 480km- long Myeik Peninsula.

It is richly endowed…

There are many valuable tin mines, oil palm plantation and rubber plantation and evergreen forest.Pearl Island is the source of high quality pearls,Fishing is the traditional business along the coastal across the blue sea along the Tanintharyi coast.

Can be seen…

Coastal and marine ecosystems such as mangroves, corals reefs, seagrass beds, estuaries, upwells and marine organisms’ migratory routes play a major role in the biodiversity of these areas. While coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove forests are abundant in the Myeik Archipelago, vast mud flats and estuaries are seeing on the deltal area.Rippling white sand beaches and dunes occur throughout the whole coastline.

Remarkably with…

One unique specie of birds is the swiftlets (Collocalia fuciphaga) called Ziwasoe in the Myanmar language. These small birds are unique in that their nests are made in high and practically inaccessible rock faces and from their own vomit. These nests are harvested by the local people and sold to traders. Famous all over the world as bird nests they command very high prices on the East Asian markets as health food and an aphrodisiac

Also reliable to see…

Whale Sharks (Rhincodon Typus), as well as other species of whales, can also be seen along the Myanmar coast. These giant fishes can be seen in about 91 countries of the world and Myanmar is one of them.

The city’s heart…

The Salon people, called Sea Gypsies, also known as Moken, who live in the sea around the Myeik Archipelago, spend their whole life on small boats: the parents, children and even the household dog. They roam the seas in their dugouts diving for pearls and looking for such sea products as sea cucumbers, sea urchins and come to land only to shelter from cyclones and high seas during the monsoon. And they can dive really deep without any diving aids.

What to see…

Can visit to the Islands nearby in this archipelago to explore the underwater coral garden where nobody had ever been. Walk on the white sand beach to explore the long beach and surf on the big waves. Striking coral reefs, bird watching and wonderful beaches are ideal places for kayaking, snorkeling and swimming. As it is the white rippling sand beaches, the emerald green tropical jungles and the blue waters of the Myanmar coastline are waiting for you to discover

It’s Cities

Myeik (The pearl of southern Myanmar)

Myeik is situated in the extreme south of Myanmar in Tanintharyi Division. Myeik sits on a penisular that juts out into the Andaman Sea. Because of the safe harbour offered by the peninsula and facing islands, Myeik became an important port over 500 years ago. Around the Myeik, there are many valuable tin mines, oil palm plantation, and rubber plantation and evergreen forest. On the Andaman Sea, many valuable Pearl breeding and fishing beds can observe in the sea. Pearl Island is the source of high quality pearls, and fishing is the traditional business along the coastal sea and islands. Another local product is the swiftler’s nest. There are about 804 spotted islands scattered across the blue sea along the Tanintharyi coast and the city is on the island in the mouth of Tanintharyi River. Today Myeik is one of the most pictureque coastal cities in Myanmar.

Kawthaung (King of southern Myanmar)

The southern most part of Myanmar and about 800 km from Yangon; the city retains the atmosphere as fishing port, once the British named as Victoria point, is one of the entry ports into Myanmar and is only separated from Thailand by a broad estuary in the Pakchan River. Across the river is the border town of Ranong, Thailand. Ranong is 120 miles North of Phuket. Visitors from Ranong could take a 30 minutes boat trips to Kawthaung for sightseeing and shopping. There are regular flights from Yangon to Kawthaung. Entry visas, valid for 28 days, and Border Passes are issued at Kawthaung. The port lies right on the pointed tip of the tenessarim peninsula. It is known as the busy fishing port. Can visit to ThaHtayKyun ( Boss Island) within 10 minutes from Kawthaung. The main business of Kawthaung is trade with Thailand, such as fishing, rubber and cashew nuts. Most Kawthaung residents speak Burmese and Thai. A spectacular sea and island view from a hilltop pagoda known as the Three Mile Pagoda is located in a fishing village five kilometers north of town.

The Famous Islands

Boss Island

Where Andaman Club is located Zadakale (St.Luke) island, across the Andaman Sea. The Htay Kyun has beaches but its coast is too rocky for swimming. Can visit to the islands nearby in this archipelago to explore the under water coral garden where nobody had never been. The islands nearby are the islands of Dawei fisherman inhabited for many years known as the Salons or Sea Gypsies who sail around the islands.

Lampe Island

Lumpi Island is about 5-6 hours sailing time from Kawthoung. The Marine National Park offers nature lovers many opportunities to experience the underwater world or observe the daily life of the Salon people. Snorkeling is good in the shallow water to study corals, sea creatures, plants and other marine lives. Diving with sharks in deep water is also much anticipated sport to be enjoyed here.

Mrauk Ni Island

Myauk Ni Island is known as Red Monkey Island, 20 miles northwest of Kawthaung. The white sand beaches, wild dolphins, corals, fishes, forests and birds around the Myauk Ni are also supreme. Salones live on their boat to collect seashell, fish and various marine products around the Red Monkey Island. Observing the Salons live, diving for pearls, collecting shells, ambers and other valuable resources in the sea. The white sand beaches, wild dolphins, corals, fishes, forests and birds around the Myauk Ni are also supreme.

Myin Khwar Island

Myinn Khwar Island is also known as Horse Shoe Island, 22 miles South West of Kawthaung. It has protected beach for all seasons, with white sand, crystal clear water and visitors can arrange day trips. It is also very close to a lot of good sport fishing sites, sea kayaking and snorkeling sites. The visitors could enjoy climbing the lime stone rocks, going into bird’s nests caves, lagoons, corals, Cycus trees, forests and birds around the Horse Shoe Island. The area is also ideal to explore by Sea Kayaking.

Philar Island

The Philar Island situated 45 miles North West of Kawthaung. The beaches are with very white clean sands. It is very close to many of the famous scuba diving sites and snorkeling sites. The Philar Island has many birds, animals, fishes and marine mammals including monkeys, turtles, sharks and dolphins. Could visit the bird’s nests islands and watch the locals collecting bird’s nests. The Salones usually travel near this island. Visitors would have a rare chance to see their boats and have good opportunity to take photographs.

Wa Ale Island

Wa Ale Island is 65 miles North of Kawthaung. It is an annexure of the Lampi Island, which is one of the Myanmar’s designated National Wild Life and Marine Park. It has various species of birds, animals, fishes and marine mammals, including wild elephants, monkeys, tigers, turtles and dolphins. The beaches on the Wa Ale Island are with very white clean sands. It is very close to many excellent sea kayaking and snorkeling sites.

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