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Motor Biking


Crossing through to Myanmar by Motor Bike! It is one of the main and special sectors of our Myanmar Palace Travels & Tours. We offer special programs to those who want to explore Myanmar by Motor Bike, and deliver effective aids and useful informations in following pages.

Why so Myanmar is special for Biking?

Myanmar is not only the land block country, it is providing with beautiful and smooth land scape in the whole places. Mountains are so rare and precious for Hikers and Trekkers. Seas are active and paradises for all sea lovers, as fully perfected with sea, sands and sun. The virgin Jungles which are freshly and warmly welcome to all Natures Lovers are in abundant and standing as the main and unique Myanmar Attractions.So Many people who have been touch and feel about the zenith of Myanmar’s Beauties are blessing and kindly giving recommended that Myanmar is the best for every exploration and observation of World’s Precious and Treasures.

We are sure that,

All sceneries along the routes are very attractive smooth comfortable and unforgettable for biking lovers.Our services specially for biking are granted to be reliable and an excursion to the innermost. Some useful informations concerning with the Biking will be aided you “how to begin your trip and what will need for your effective traveling plans by Biking.”

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