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Seat In Coach (SIC)

Hello! Visitors,

We would like to give a good new for those who want to travel by coach to all places of Myanmar, we enjoy to arrange special coach tour (Motor Car Tour) in the conditions of safe smooth and amazing.
Travelling by Motor car,is the essential one for the tourism fields,and it is the most convenient vehicle,because although we are traveling,we can stop for studying about the country sides,take Photograph and make detail exploring, in every parts of the travel routes.
More over there is other adventages,for traveling by coach that is more easier to see the wonderful and fantastic scenery of Myanmar’s country sides than other vehicals.Our country is an agriculture country,So wherever we go,the emerald paddy farm, and deep wood forest (one of the major product of the country) are occupying to both sides of the hi-way road.
Then we would like to say that, our country has been trying for more better tranportation,since 10 years ago.Now for the perpose of the development of the tourism industry,roads are connecting each other like spider net to the whole country of Myanmar.So that travelling by coach in all parts of Myanmar is easily to arrange for us and we want you to come and see and touch and feel about Myanmar’s every sectors by coach.
We ‘ve already arranged the classical coach tour (motor car tour) with ideal itinerary.That following Itinerary is the sample or a ideal one of our Myanmar PalaceTravel &Tour actual itinerary may vary.

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