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Wild Life

Eco-tourism has been directly linked to the greater prospects for sound and sustainable tourism development, with strong possibilities for appropriate local participation and shared responsibility for preserving the environment, the cultural heritage and people’s way of life. Myanmar is endowed with diverse cultural heritage, abundant natural resources and unspoiled environment. Eco-tourism could therefore provide considerable opportunities for future tourism development in Myanmar. Tourism is world’s largest industry with and enormous potential for further growth. Over 10% of G.D.P globally is directly related to tourism activities. Myanmar is full of natural beauty, and efforts to conserve and maintain the natural environment. Marine and terrestrial ecosystems containing mosaic coral reefs, mangrove forests and rain forests offer a degree of choice for the establishment of eco-tourism sites. The once dry and arid central zone of the country, in the vicinity of Mount Poppa area is now becomes a scene of greenery. Myanmar is also home of teak. The forest flora is diverse, varying from sub-alpines on the snow-capped mountains in the north. The diverse forest ecosystems in Myanmar are home to about 1,000 birds species nearly 300 mammal species and about 300 species of reptiles. The natural forests in Myanmar provide substantial opportunities for eco-tourism development. The Ministry of Forestry initiated in 1995 by declaring to open up 20 nature reserves and wildlife centuries for eco-tourism developments. This following site is worth seeing in Myanmar.

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